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Oma Care® - nature and science in skin care. Founded in 2017 with a mission to bring You sustainable and safe skin and home care packed with only necessary ingredients that actually work and benefit you.

Our mission is to create sustainable organic skin and home care that is completely free of harmful ingredients and work hard to find and offer only high quality ingredients grown in nature that benefit your skin and well-being. We are always trying to be better at what we do and put care in every action, and hope you’re equally inspired to join our journey of care towards everything around us, starting from You and the nature.


care for your health

Synergy of science and nature - formulations rooted in science with farm-sourced ingredients raised in nature. The best way to combat the everyday stresses of life is to simplify and slow down. For this reason, we enrich our skin and body care with active superfood ingredients to counterbalance the aging effects of free radicals and environmental toxins. We strive to create safe, allergen-free formulas so they can be enjoyed by everyone.


care for animals

Animals are to love and be loved. We do not condone the inhumane treatment of animals and we never engage in animal testing for our products and ingredients. Oma Care® skin and home care is entirely cruelty-free, mostly vegan and formulated with care. We use responsible, farm-sourced ingredients to create clean and thoughtful formulas.


care for the environment

Our skin and home care is exclusively manufactured in-house at our facility in Tallinn, Estonia. This gives us complete oversight as our products are made in small batches daily to ensure optimal quality and to reduce waste. We source our ingredients locally or nearest regions as much as possible and work with fair trade, environmentally responsible businesses. We offer refill for our washing products, take back the packages to help to recycle and encourage you to recycle or re-use your packages.


care for giving back

While we strongly believe in keeping your home and family safe by creating clean product care that actually works, we also believe in giving back.
For every purchase a donation is made to our OmaGive Foundation which helps families and organizations in need.
It's our own foundation from where we give our help to organizations, individuals or a purpose towards good and helping who needs the most at the time.
We are donating monthly based to local hospitals and organizations, children and animals and to some individuals with helping to pay their rents or other things needed for every day life. We are providing our products for events to benefit ones in need at the time and with the information we have. And we are supporting world wide other organizations and fundraisers.
So that there would be care in every action we take. 
Oma Care®



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